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So, How Do You Get Your Audience

to Find You Online?

Let us know if this has happened to you.

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you’re told over and over again that “Content is King”.

And it’s true.

Whether you own a brick & mortar business or you’re an eCommerce seller, the stats don’t lie–consistently publishing content drives traffic and gets leads:

    • Companies that publish 11-16 blog posts per month receive 3.5X the traffic compared to companies that blog less than 4 times a month.

    • Companies that publish 11-16 blog posts per month get 4.5X more leads generated.

    • Companies that use video in their marketing efforts increase their organic search traffic on their website by 157%.

So, you decide to start a blog on your business website.

You spend hours upon hours of your time thinking up topics, trying to write articles yourself, and learning how to optimize them for best results.

Or you pay thousands of dollars to get posts and videos made for you.Then you post this content on your website and social media.

You HOPE that the content you either

create yourself or get a freelancer to do is “enough”, and wait for your customers to come to you

As fellow eCommerce sellers and entrepreneurs, we were in the same boat
you’re probably in right now, 5 years ago.

We knew we needed content to drive traffic and sales, but we struggled to
produce it on a consistent, regular basis.

It was a huge pain.

We weren’t professional writers, and we didn’t have the time to spend dealing
with it or figuring out how to get big media and publications’ attention on it.

But we also knew consistently publishing high-quality content over time about our business was CRITICAL to its success.

So we developed a system that we’ve tested and used to consistently get our website to rank on Google, getting more traffic and leads continuously. All the while building our brand AUTHORITY, RECOGNITION, and POWER.

What seemed impossible before–getting a consistent flow of new customers and sales–became a reality.

Imagine If Your Business Could Be Featured On

...and be seen by hundreds of millions of people.
On a regular, monthly basis.

Think that’s impossible?
It’s Not.

Our system puts your content marketing on auto-pilot from

The trick?

Timely, high quality SEO content that is distributed and published on high-profile networks consistently over the LONG-TERM.

If that seems like a ton of work (actually, what you’re probably doing now, the hard way)…then that’s where we come in.

We’ve spent literally years perfecting this system for our businesses, and we’ve decided to help other entrepreneurs and business owners that can handle more customers,
get more customers and better ROI.

If you are selling anything online or even if you’re a local business with a shop on the ground, this system will help get more eyeballs on whatever it is you are selling.

So, ask yourself this:

“What would happen to my business if it were more visible online and had more customers coming to my website each month?”

Here's what George Meressa, Founder of ClearAds had to say:


Inside our Automated, Completely Done for You, All-Inclusive Content Marketing System…

  • Multiple pieces of Done for You SEO optimized blog articles written by a professional team of English writers that get high quality backlinks.

  • Customized videos about your brand that work to drive traffic back to your site

  • Distribution and publication of this content on 400-500+ media outlets and authority sites

  • Niche Specific targeted distribution (Premium)

  • Access to 400+ Influencer Lists (Premium)

  • Distribution directly to our 4000+ journalist network–no spam folders! (Premium)

  • Better rankings, more authority, more leads and more traffic.

  • The ability for YOU to focus on the parts of your business that you're good at.

  • The total value of the above is: $4997 to $10,000 per campaign. In fact, several businesses using our system do multiple campaigns a month because they get incredible, irresistible results for amazing ROI.

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