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 Are you TIRED of creating content that never ranks? 

Introducing Brand Builder, a Done for You

Content Service Designed to Get You Ranked.


Finally available to anyone looking to build their online rankings and reputation the easy way, without having to lift a finger.

Brand Builder Program Overview


High Quality Backlinks to Your Site

We create SEO optimized content on a regular basis for you to help rank, boost visibility, direct more traffic to your site and attract new customers

Distribution to High Profile Media Sites

Share your content to big name sites nationwide, from news giants like USAToday & Yahoo! Finance to industry-leading publications like Forbes.

Video Content that Drives Leads

Unleash the power of one of the highest converting marketing tools today to reach an even wider audience using video content sent to diverse channels

Hyper-Targeted to Your Niche or Industry

Send your content to the creme of the crop in your niche, including thousands of influencers, journalists, editors & trade publications

So, How Do You Get Your Audience to Find you Online?

Let us know if this has happened to you. As an entrepreneur or business owner, you’re told over and over again that “Content is King”.

And it’s true.

Whether you own a brick & mortar business or you’re an eCommerce seller, the stats don’t lie–consistently publishing content drives traffic and gets leads.

So, you decide to start a blog or get some videos made for your website or social media.

You spend hours upon hours of your time thinking up topics, trying to write articles yourself, and learning how to optimize them for best results.

Or you pay thousands of dollars to get posts and videos made for you. Then you post this content on your website and social media.

You HOPE that the content you either create yourself

or get a freelancer to do is “enough”,

and wait for your customers to come to you…

The obvious problem here, is that unless you already have great traffic and engagement on your website and social media, any content you post simply won’t really garner much attention and is money down the drain.

This is a chicken and egg problem… why spend time on energy on content that won’t be seen and just sits there, but you need to create content and start ranking on search engines in order to start to pull people in that you can actually engage with!

Fortunately, we have a little secret that we’ve been using to solve this problem… and that’s distributing content and syndication through our media website database.

We leverage our massive distribution networks and push content out to authority sites where it can be seen and drive powerful high authority backlinks to your website, social media, Amazon product detail page, etc. Resulting in growing brand authority and SERP rankings, leading to greater traffic.

Plus it’s extremely cost efficient. Using our in house resources, we’re able to create top quality content in multiple media formats at scale. Saving you time and money in production as well as not having to run around hiring and monitoring freelancers to produce your content.

Imagine, your content showing up on sites like these:

and seen by potentially millions of people, every single month?

That’s exactly what Brand Builder does. Every.. single… month.

Don’t take our word for it, see what George Meressa, Founder of ClearAds had to say about it:

George Meressa

Founder, ClearAds


Features of Brand Builder Include:

  • Newsbuzz Pro and News Dominator press releases

  • Video News press release video

  • Wide variety of multi media content pieces

  • Up to 1,500 word blog article

  • 2 professional videos created based on blog content

  • All content is blasted out to our distribution network

  • Extensive reporting

  • Guest posting and influencer outreach

  • We continually tweak and add new assets

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The Future is Content. Get Ahead of the Curve.

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